May 17-21

A new carb for one of the engines.

Butyrate, silver and nitrate dope for the work on the fabric

Borensbergs mekaniska. A local, friendly and very well equipped machine shop where they can do
almost anything you can possibly need,. fast with high prescition at a very competitive price.

R/H engine after refurbishment at the shop

Working in the tanks is a very tiring, slow, and boring work but very necessary. A lot of sealant is loose.
In the ceiling of R/H tank I found this grafitti. D. Pratt, if you read this, write something please.

There are more than 60 hoses that I will have to replace. The oldest I have found so far was
manufactured in january 1962... A bird family had made a nest in the leading edge where the
 fuelhoses go to the R/H engine. Hope that they have moved by the time we come back next time.

The hatch where the hoses go to the L/H engine

29" nosewheel going to holland for loan to the Dutch NL-PBY. The original 30" tyre
is getting scarce and the ones available are only good for a few landings before
they get cracks and no new are made.

David Gustafsson, a coming guy in aviation a good mechanic that likes old planes.

Christer Gustafsson. Very handy and nice good friend that had the good taste to make his vacation
in Spain and bring his son to help me. Thanks!

Back to Barkarby where Curt and his family runs Arigo that suppies most of the stuff needed for this project.
Here Stefan and his brother i sorting the hoses that need replacement. 60 something...

As close to a glass cockpit as this aircraft will get. Any body that has a KX155 or two to spare?
Someone seems to have mistaken his radios for mine..

L/H fuel shutoff valve.

Greetings from CampCat 2009!

....and let there be light...

Meanwhile in Cuatro Vientos

Eng #2 in the process of being prepared for installation in a not too distant future.

Nice and clean covlings. Both pics provided by Roberto Yañez who apart from taking beautiful pictures, is a very nice guy and is very knowledgeable in Spanish aviation.

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