Dear Spectators!

As you all can see we have not been very busy lately, atleast not in Spain. This is because the aircraft is basically ready to get the propellers (waiting in Portugal) :) ) installed and then commence the engine tests taxying etc. A few weeks ago I took the desicion to mothball FMC for the winter as it is most unlikely that she will be flyable before it gets too cold and instead try and gather parts and energy for april/may and try and get her flying then... I am planning to go to Ocana in a few weeks to make sure she will survive the winter. Two days ago I had the opportunity to get a good areal view of Ocana as we passed by in the 330. As you can see from the picture it is not very detailed but alteast the city and the correctional facility is there clearly visible. The airfield is located between the intersection and the bottom of the picture.  We were passing overhead VTB VOR at FL400 " M.81 The picture is fair for being  taken by a mobile camera...

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