As summer of 2011 passes

Hi Catlovers! Got some nice pictures  from Roberto!
Nothing new is happening in Ocana for the time being.
Sr Aranda owner of SAESA and seller of his cat collection has unfortunately proved to fulfill my widest fears in this deal. Initially I wanted to buy the aircraft as it was, sitting more or less abandoned for the last 10 years.
He tried to sell her for 250KEUR to vaious persons over the years but never managed to find anyone ignorant enough... Until he found me!
Any way I gave him a decent offer for the aircraft as it was but Sr Aranda insisted on including the engines at a higher price. I agreed under the conditon that the engines would have to be: airworthy, installed by SAESA, have all the relevant airworthiness and maintenance documentation and be able to do the ferryflight to Sweden, It is all written down in the contract.
After being fed up with waiting we finally had to do the installation of the engines ourselves only to find out that there is no document on the engines... Sr Aranda  still  wants to get paid the same price as if he would have delivered.
It is a litle like going to a nice restaurant, ordering a threedish menu, being served a cold sausage and getting a bill for the order.
Consequently we are still trying to find a solution that is acceptable for both parties and I trust that something will come up later this year.
By the way!
Any one that has two P&W R-1830-92 engines to sponsor me with?
A few documents away from flying...
Thanks for keeping up the interest!!

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