Missing man!

My eldest friend Björn Löwgren died a few weeks ago.

I knew him since the late -70s when me and my brother Martin, began frequenting Skå Airfield some 30kms outside Stockholm. Björn was not only my good friend, mentor, supporter, source of inspiration etc. He was also way ahead of his time, at least in Sweden, by starting collecting old aircraft, an activity that most people considered as collecting junk.
Times have changed and thanks to his hindsightness he has made veteran aircraft community a whole lot richer than it would have been without him. His appearance at numerous airshows with P-51, his AT-6´s SE-FUZ and –CHP, Vampires, Hawker Hunters etc. has inspired generations and his efforts is shown in a small, but active Swedish veteran/warbird community that owes a lot to Björn.


Björn was very keen on supporting me with my efforts to get a flying PBY to Sweden.

The PBY can be regarded as a “Big dipper” or the asterism of stars known as Ursa Major, better known as Great Bear.

Björn means Bear in Swedish and the work on 64064 will continue in the loving memory of a truly great personality, invaluable asset to aviation, and a good friend.

You are sorely missed Björn.

 "Still going strong, Håll dom igång"


Björn and Åke at the helm of 64064.

One of the two Fairey Fireflies (SE-CAU) that Björn saved from the firedump.

Michael Åström and Björn when he checked us out on the Broussard.

Singleseat Hawker Hunter SE. DXM (as in Martin, one of his sons)
Öyvind accompanied by Björn.

Björn and I Picking up Seabee LN-IKK/SE-AXR at Kjeller nearby Oslo in 2003.

Björn and his lovely supporting wife Christina in 64064 on 26 Nov 2006 when we had our first look.

Unfortunately, the actions of Sr Aranda made it impossible for Björn to see it flying here.
This winter I will continue eliminating the contractual dispute I have with Sr Aranda with legal help. I am now looking forward to be able to concentrate on bringing 64064 back into the air in spring/summer 2012.

PS Make sure to get your regular PSA checks and get a second opinion. "If there is doubt, there is no doubt"


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