17-22 April2009

Birds nest galore!

Pretty gas staion in Ocana city

Lunch break

The TP-47 at the airforce museum will get company soon. Here in the process of being
prepared for the inaguration of the new museum in june 2010.

Finally the tanks revealed their secrets.

Sture preparing firewall #1.

Ventilation of both tanks

LH tank. with grafiti. KC76 who are you?

Excersising the floats. Years of leaves and crap was lodged between the wing and the strut.

Sture working om firewall#2  and Stone removing the corroded fuel connection, normally
used for draining fuel when used as a fuel hauler.

Postat av: F

Härligt att se att ni lever o frodas catalan - eller säger man catalin? - därnere :)

2009-04-24 @ 14:08:01
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