More pics from 17-25 april 2009

Getting the nosewheel off.

One of the two spacers that makes it possible to fit a 29 tyre where the standard,
now unavailable, 30" smootcontour tyre normally resides.

Me and Stone doing morning exersise!

Fuelhoses in the pylon, just worward of bulkhead #4. Some of them manufactured in 1967...
they are now removed and will be replaced with new ones.

Birdnest in the elevator.

Stainless screws are nice but does not help much when the nuts are not.

Outside the SAESA hangar at Cuatro Vientos airport, southwest Madrid. SAREA is short for
Servicios Aero Espanola SA. Spanish Air Services.

Latest flight with 64064 was to Ocaña some 70km south of Madrid.

View from the aft hatch. Toilet is hanging on the wall. In the next room you can
 see the rear side of the tank with one of the tubes that fills the 4500L watertank.

Only a few screws left, beautiful weather!

The stainless screws that held the tank hatches were very soft and got stuck when the corroded
nuts started to fight back.

Sture is one of the faithful supporters that elected to come with me and help on this trip. He is the
proud owner of SAAB-91 Safir SE-IGK which he, together with Åke, has put in a pristine condition.
Sture, a dentist by proffession, did not rest until he had the firewalls as spotless as his smile.

Dasa agin here with the left engine of EC-EVK at Cuatro Vientos.

Me, Rodolfo Schreier agood friend who used to fly the Catalinas of SAESA and
Raoul Aranda Montero, The owner of SAESA, discussing something.

Cleaning out the nacelle of the #1 engine.

How to lift the nosewheel iaw the mainenance manual.

Inspecting Stures work.

Removing the corroded nut channels. Any readers that have new replacements?

Ventilating the tanks

Inside the pylon

Exercising the floats.

Styre got  tyred..

Birdie nam nam.

Nut channels and plates removed.

Ocana airport at dawn seen from the gas station.

Hydraulic tank R/H side of eng #2

Water and scotchbrite does wonders with ages of dirt.

Engine #1 waiting to be installed

Same as above.

Another engine..

Sture and Stone made wonders with the windows.

Postat av: SuperEchoChris

I guess Sture being the pro did most of the drilling!

(I can't believe no one else haven't put this cheap joke up here before me!) :-)

2009-04-29 @ 19:32:39

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