Breaking news!!! (Nothing new really, just to catch your attention)

The engines are ready in Cuatro Vientos and will remain there until the props are ready to be installed.
The props will be overhauled soon, it is just a matter of whee to do it. I consider having the aircraft registred in either Sweden, Spain or USA. Depending on where it will be registred. The props ,aswell as the engines have to be overhauled at shop that is recognised by the authorities in the country of registration. I will need afew more days before I can make the right desicion...

The old hoses together with tools and material to manufacture new ones.

The tools are marked DC.4.

The Seabee SE-AXR was sold new in Sweden 1947 and returned in 2003 after a few years in Norway.
It has the levers in the ceiling, pretty much as the Catalina, but only burns 65Liters/h compared with
 about 350L/h to feed the Cat. Beeing a flying boat it is a good basic flyingboat skills trainer.

Hägenäs (Heronpoint)  just northeast of  Stockholm, was the site where F2 (wing 2) of the Swedeish airforce had its main base. The funny thing about this base was that they only had hard surface during the winters, the other seasons they operated seaplanes.

The entrance:

A salvaged Junkers F13

The Plywood floats on this S5 Hansa were really tough!

A visitor rom far away.

Who can this be?

A real superstar of the time. No one less than Charles Lindbergh.

As you can see, you do not need water to fly a float plane. (Plywood floats again, these are about 6 meters long)

Snow will do just fine aswell!

Mechanics heaven!

A few rare birds also visted Sweden during the war and some ended up at F2, like this Blohm&Voss BV138.

A few DO24´s also came here and even joined the force.

The first aircraft manufactured by SAAB i Linköping, the dive bomber, B17, her in the seaplane version , S17.

T2´s taking off

The Marines in the late 20`s

Is this a rare sight? A Swedish airforce Mosquito as seen from a TP47 Catalina.

Big boys playing with their boat by the beach....

A few nice pics of the Catalina in "action"

There were three Catalinas in the airforce one was shot down by the sovjets, one is preserved at the airforce museum and 47003 was scrapped at F2.....

Postat av: Kristoffer

Vad är det för några flygplan som syns på Seabee bilden?

2009-06-04 @ 10:30:21
Postat av: F

47003 was scrapped in in the late 60s, it had been used as sourse for spare parts for the other surviving Catalina of the Swedish Air Force, 47001. This a/c made its last flight in late 1966.

2009-06-04 @ 19:03:08
Postat av: David

Det ær Broussarden SE-BMH och en Sabresliner ex FV

2009-06-05 @ 11:29:06
Postat av: SuperEchoChris

The B 3, B 5, and Sk 14 were all built by SAAB before the B 17! But, the B 17 was the first aircraft designed and manufactured by SAAB! Yep, important difference.

47003 was actually cut in to pieces in the early seventies! There were discussions about preserving it at Arlanda, but the logistics around how to transport it to ESSA couldn't be solved in time.

Give your Cat a N-number and I will come and fly it with you! :-)

BTW, Air Force are two words, not one. A common misspelling by Swedes.

2009-06-06 @ 02:53:11

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