New stuff coming soon, as you can see we are a bit delayed, but we´ll catch up.

Although SEASA (the seller) has propmised to supply airworthy engines, they have still not showed me any paper work that will make the engines they have, suitable. The props are as you can see below, in quite a bad shape and I have not go any date yet as when I can expect them to come from the shop. We will go to Ocana this week and complete the gear swing and do the brakes and put the newly made covers on her and som more stuff.
Nicklas and Dad wrapping up after last session.
My Australian friends had bad luck with their props, here is the hub showing some corrosion.
Another 23E50 the way I want to have mine on 64064
The fixed cam in the hub how it looks after a few years service with SAESA... EC- EVK ( The aircraft the these props comes from) changed registration to VH-EAX and is still on its way to Austraila, still awaiting spares in Bankok...

Postat av: mattias björnstig

Jag läste i "Classic wings" att det var på väg en Catalina till sverige. Efter lite Googlande hittade jag denna blogg och har läst och tittat på bilder i flera timmar nu! Vad roligt ni verkar ha!! Lycka till och hoppas att man får se den i sverige snart.

2009-11-28 @ 10:12:56
Postat av: David

Hej Mattias. Jo det är riktigt kul, även om jobbet inte riktig går som planerart alltid.Tack för stöd/ D

2009-11-29 @ 14:58:33

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