Ocana three years later.

The first time I was here looking at the Catalinas EC-FMC and EC EVK was on the 26/11-2006, I couldn´t in my wildest dreams imagine that I would still be coming back here in 2009. As it seems now The weather is deteriorating very much from what we experienced only a few months ago and since the props still are at the overhaul shop we just have to wait for them to be brought back to serviceable condition again. This means that there will be no flying this year unfortunately. The good thing is that by the time we will be ready, probably some time in february, the weather and daylight will have improved so our ferry flight will be much nicer. Me and Mike are back in Spain this time and are removing some more equipment thet will need to be looked after before we put them to use. Roffe at the Airforcemuseum made a beautiful set of covers for the cockpit and the nacelles, maybe they do not do much difference after sitting exposed to the elements for 10 years without any covers but it sure looks much nicer. The canvas comes from Pierre at Segelshoppen in Stockholm, he can help you with any thing  you need for your boat. We got the nosewheel in return from our good friends in Holland with PH-PBY and installed it as we jacked the plane for the checks on the MLG, wheels and brakes. Now to some more pics.

Mike is missing some of "his" equipment at the FE position but doesn´t seem to mind very much.

L/H MLG Servicing.

The hydraulic system is located om the R/H side in the cockpit. In this picture you can see the pressure regulator to the left in the center of the picture, via a check valve it feeds the brake accumulator. Below the checkvalve is the overpresure regulator (1200psi) the return from the filter (below left) goes back to the tank in the R/H nacelle.

Two out of three hydraulicpumps.

Gear selector valve is situated under the instrument panel.

8weeks ago we had +30C and +50C in the tanks. Yesterday I had to buy a hat and longjohns (not in the picture)
At least it is not raining..

R/H MLG Brake.

Speaking of rain.. Roffes covers are being put to the test. W/O remark. Thanks Rolf!


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