A few more pics of FMC and VH-EAX ex EC-EVK

Me and Daza discussing something on the L/H engine.
The other engine, soon to be installed.
Same view on the R/H engine
A Land Rpver w a broken clutch is better than no LandRover at all
The local Land Rover was working hard, not really, just a walk in the park, Cheer up, Carry on!
Norm and tha guys were working hard getting EC-EVK now VH-EAX ready
Splash and go!
Roberto sent me these pictures from last weekend.Beautyful!
VH-EAX Landing at Cuatro Vientos, Allphotos of EAX curtesy of Roberto Yañez
EAX Coming in for landing at Cuatro Vientos.
The registration VH-EAX was previously held by another catalina operatded by Qantas herre seen "washed ashore & written off at Lord Howe Is - June '45" according to the Qantas foundation homepage they operatded it between Perth and Colombo, a hop of about 28hrs non stop... Check out their home page: www.qfm.org.au
Well we couldnt do much more on this trip. All wrapped up and ready to go. Next time we´ll go when we are positive we will get then engines and props hung as we are running out of things to do except getting everyting running. The web page is beeing worked on and will hopefully be operating in the near future.


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