Place of Birth - "The Black Pelican"

"The "Black Pelican" is of course Catalina EC-FMC. She was manufactured at the Consolidated works at Lake Ponchartrain, New Orleans, in 1945. Here is a picture of the factory from the 1940s.

The U.S. Naval Air Station, 1948 (which would make way in the not too distant future for Louisiana State University at New Orleans, now the University of New Orleans) and, above it, Pontchartrain Beach. During World War II, the long factory building above Pontchartrain Beach at Franklin Avenue housed Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co., which built seaplanes. By 1948 the facility had been converted to private industrial use. Today, the Levee Board occupies the property.

That was then, this is now...according to google earth.


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