Summerfun in Ocana 28June-02July 2010

Michael Åström is back. He and and Jörgen Eklöf were anxious to see how the engines survived the first weeks of the summer. No birds had nested in the firewall fwd area of the 1830´s. Good for us. (and them)

 We started to install the cowlings that had recieved a "paint overhaul by the guys at SAESA..." This part apparently came off 64017 (N285RA now in Israel) some time in the past.

After the first working day, Tuesday 29th, we finally had got going, after tracking bags and arranging things. Here, Mike, Jörgen, Hjalmar and I relax after a hot day in the Spanish sun. Enjoying lifes beer necessities.
The tires got their own set of covers made by Rolf Halvarsson.

The 400GPH engine fuel boost pums are located in the Pylon. After cleaning and checking they have been reinstalled with new hoses. My father, aircraft engineer by trade (ret) is in charge of the installation.

Jörgen is summarising, finding out where to begin.

Hjalmar closing the panels after installing new fuel hoses.

Cleaning the hoses and connectors of Eng#1 (L/H) took the better part of two days.
Eng 2 was much quicker to do.

Most of the systems got connected and as usual we brought a list with things to purchase and to do with us home.

Roberto Yanez took a few hours off to visit us and take a some excellent pictures.

The early mornings and late evenings are best for working. This time of year the temperatures get as low as 25C .. The mid day peaks were about 39Cish. As you can see wee did not get the propellers this time either but I hope that after next trip we will be able to get them installed and be able to remove the barrels in the nose...
Do you see the light?!

Postat av: F

Jag tror jag ser ljuset, David. Ljuset i den "spanska tunneln" ;)

2010-07-08 @ 19:25:51
Postat av: Jörgen

Cowlingen märkt 64017 har troligtvis skiftats i Frankrike någon gång 1966-1973, har jag lite av en slump lyckats luska ut, kärrorna var nämligen då samtidigt hos franska "Protection Civile" om nu källorna i den väldiga internetrymden stämmer.

Frågan är ju varför?

Vikiga detaljer att hålla reda på...hmmm...kanske...ska ta en tänkarpipa på saken...


2010-07-08 @ 20:59:33
Postat av: Björn H

Lycka till David + gänget!

2010-07-09 @ 06:00:21
Postat av: Gert

Så jäkla kul att ni har kommit så långt, jag önskar er en rigtigt god arbetslust i sommar, så vi får se kärran i Sverige snart! Good work, guys!

2010-07-09 @ 14:59:13
Postat av: Stellan

Åh vad jag vill se den där taxa på Riddarfjärden en vacker dag! Lycka till med färdigställandet.

2010-07-11 @ 17:53:35
Postat av: Jose Garcia

Lycka till :)

2010-08-05 @ 16:00:45

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