Mars 2010

Time goes fast and this time we had to concentrate on getting as much as possible done so that we can get on with the installation of the much anticipated engines which seems to be ready for installation on our next trip in April.... We arrived on friday 19th and worked over the weekend until monday. On tuesday we had a scheduled meeting with DGAC (CAA in Spanish) and an uncheduled meeting with SAESA... More about that below. 

After thurough cleaning we began installing the arrray of fuel hoses situated in the pylon. We have, as you probably read before had all hoses newly manufactured and now the fuel system is basically completed.

We have had a lot of valuable help from the guys at the airforcemuseum. Palle, one of the very competent craftsmen working there, made theese jack fittings for 64064 one afternoon.

After much exercising and lubricating one gear at a time, we completed a seies of complete gear swings and emergency extensions.

Only minor adjustments of an uplock swich was necessary. Eventhough the gears are heavy, the little hydraulic pump on the wall behind the copilot, struggled on and showed no signs of giving up. Swinging the gear without tires was however easier on the poor thing. The gear on a Cat is quite impressive and interesting to look at when moving.

Niclas and Antonio at the tire shop in Yepes about 10km from Ocana who has a powerful tiremounting machine. It was not sufficient and could not do without the brute force from Niclas the Gute (Gute is a strong man from the island of Gotland whose inhabitants are famous for their medieval ways :)

Saturday 20th of march was cold and windy, not nice at all, especially when the rain came..

That did not stop us from doing what we had to do....´

Nicklas enjoying himself.

L/H MLG worked fine aswell.

After three days of work the hydraulic system is happy again and fully acceptable for flying.
Our meeting on tuesday with DGAC was sucessful and we summarised quite well what we had acomplished and how we shall proceed. Next time we go we will install the engines, the meeting with SAESA ironed out a few "misunderstandings..." concluded that the engines will be ready for installation by then. Will be very interesrting to see if it will work this time.. On the same trip we will also x-ray all attachment fittings to reveal any cracks/corrosion. As it looks now we only miss the propellers which probably will be delivered one of the last days in april.

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Grattis - ett steg i taget, men det går ju frammåt!! Men skulle man inte kunna sätta X-ray-maskinen på boven Raoul nästa gång så han får ändan ur...

2010-03-24 @ 21:16:46
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"Snart, på en plats när dig":

2010-03-28 @ 22:40:30

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