Spring is coming up!

Soon we will start moving after a(too) long absence from doing something in Ocana. On feb 9th me and my good friend Björn visited Madrid in order to give some TLC to 64064 and to have a serious chat with Raoul (previos owner) who does not want to honour the contract we have and most important meet with the DGAC ( Spanish CAA). On the day we arrived the meeting with CAA was cancelled, according tp Raoul it was them that did not have time but I have my doubts... We went down to Ocana and could just confirm that the aircraft was prettymuch in the same shape as we had left it 2 months earlier..
Around noon we had a 2hr meeting with Raoul that has turned from beeing a seemingly polite hospitable and honourable Don Raoul Arand Montero to a quite nasty person that, as the project progress has become increasingly interested in getting paid without doing anything as agreed... Accusing us of theft! etc. We were warned but... Difficult and a quite uncomfortabe situation that will have to be dealt with in due time.
On the 19th we hope that the engines will have been installed (by SAESA...) and that Aero Helice are ready to deliver the propellers. On the 23rd we will have a meeting with DGAC to set up the details on how to finish our work in Spain and bring 64064 to her new home.
Regardless of the support from SAESA, which so far has been non existant, we get we aim to be more or less ready to fly some time in April if nothing unanticipated shows upp. Then I hope that the paperwork will go smoothly and without too much delays.
Björn is a big fan of Cats!
Tail mooring is 80cm in the Spanish mud and hooked up to the tail with a steel wire.
Rolf Halvarson at the Air Force Museum has made these excellent covers. The material is supplied by Pierre Holm of Segel Shoppen at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm +46 8 6118292. Thanks guys!

Postat av: Gert

I hope it all goes well, when money is the subject you will learn when you can trust people

All the best, looking fwd to see this beauty in Sweden

2010-03-04 @ 20:35:01

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