May 10-14, 2010

Me and  Mike got three new happy guys from ALG joining us for a few days this time. Verner, Sebastian and Andreas. Seen here just boaring from Copenhagen where we flew with Cimber Sterling.

This is what I would have wanted to see when arriving in Cuatro Vientos on monday evening....
This is actually tuesday afternoon after spoiling a perfect workingday discussing with Raoul about obvious things in the contract that he doesnt feel like fulfilling, like paying the year old parking fees etc. I was informed that the engines were ready to load on the truck on monday evening.... The first truck was to arrive at 1630 but wwe never saw it. Someone told me he had arrived ther and turned around when he saw the engines.

Get another then! I replied. Well we will have to wait one hour was their reply and after 15 minutes they said that I will have to comeback tomorrow at 8.... At this stage I was a bit irritated and eventually got another company to come and pick them up. We left Sebastian, whose knowledge in the spanish language was somewhat limited, to supervise the loading and transport.

I and the others went to Ocana and picked up the tires and Verner and Mike stayed to open up the camp while I and Andreas continued to Antonio at Palomino Perez tireshop in Yepes to install the two new tires that Steve at Desser tirecompany had supplied.

Sebastian and the truckdriver finally arrived and they had a very interesting conversation as no one spoke each others language, but that didnt keep them from trying, The driver also found out that talking on th phone while driving i Spain costs 150Euro...

By Wendesday evening engine #1 was ready to be installed and I could pick up my new tires from Antonino.

The guys doing the final checks on the engine before we hang it.

Slowly and smoothly the engine gets in place. As you can see the engine installation on a Cat does not require any cranes.


One engine and one new wheel installled, we were half way.

Thursday morning. Last working day and a lot to do. Excellent weather maybe a bit chilly for May in Spain, 9C...

Mike and Andreas doing the final checks on eng#2 before...

Rain and hail started... Hmmmm.

After an hour or so the rain had passed and the following showers somehow managed to go beside us.
I am a bit pussled that the NG Mechanics dont get cold when not dressing properly....

Getting there! Mike who more or less was born in a nacelle of a DC-3 feels right at home.

Getting the cowling in place.

The covers that Rolf Halvarsson has made fits perfectly!

New tires and bearings.

The plan is to mount a camera here for the filming of the ferrryflight.

Mission completed and still daylight!

One thing missing though (among others) Props! What about the propellers? Well... They were supposed to be ready in November 2009. I didnt hear anything from Aerohelice in Portugal and when I contacted them in December they said they needed parts and promised to get back to me ASAP. January passed and they said 6 weeks. 6weeks passed and they promised to deliver 23rd of April. I replied that I will come 11th of may, please deliver then.... I didnt hear from them and they did not reply either. Less than a week before our departure I got hold of them on the phone and they said something about "problem.." and promised to get back to me., they didnt but after trying a few times more they replied that due to urgent work for the Portugese aiforce they had to postpone my prop delivery until end of June... I still do not know when I will get them but the first set of props took 5 months to get...
I guess that I just want to share my frustration. Obviously my goal to participate in the inaguration of the Airforcemuseum will not be achievable due to this, F***!

Friday morning. Leaving the apartment for this trips last try to meet with Raoul for meeting at 10.
Will not bore you with details but when I started this project I was warned that making business in Spain is somewhat different than what we are used to and even the locals nod their heads when I mention Raouls name.. Its all very interesting though. 

Postat av: Sture


Längste "steget" hittills under en vecka där nere på denna långa vandring!

Trist dock att propellrarna inte blir klara - när Du nu var så juste och lät Australienarna få ta Dina. Men propellervekstaden var visst kompis med Raoul...

Att vara hygglig lönar sig alltså inte i denna skumma bransch.

2010-05-17 @ 12:39:35
Postat av: Gert

Kul att ni kommit såpass långt med tanke på omständigheterna. Det ska bli kul att se kärran i Sverige. All the best!

2010-05-17 @ 23:26:11
Postat av: David P

Ringde propellerverkstaden igår, Pedro som svarade å en nån typ av manager bad så mycket om ursäkt att det nästan var jobbigt.. Han lovade att inte lova något han inte kan hålla. Nästa vecka kan jag tidigast få veta något. Föröker planera en resa för att koppla upp så mkt som möjligt utan propellrarna så det mer eller mindre bara e dom so fattas. Får se hu vi hinner. Snart e de skolavslutningar å lov, konfirmationer mm... Snickrar vidare så får vi se var vi hamnar.

2010-05-18 @ 09:53:54

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