Next trip booked

Just to get things moving we have decided to go 10th-15th of may. Things are not ideal as Raoul, owner of SAESA has not fulfilled any of the things we have agreed on, not in the contract a year ago, nor verbally after that. Some people tell me that that is just what you could expect.. I guess I am just naive in that way.

Nevertheless we are going, Mike I and hopefully 5 guys that just graduarted from ALG as aircraft engineers. If we are in luck we will be greeted with a lorry with the engines and spare loaded on monday afternoon and start unloading them in the evening
I hope the props arrive from Aero Helice in Portugal on tuesday so we will have a more or less complete aircraft by friday morning...
Very Exiting!! Will keep you posted. /D

Postat av: F

Håller tummarna att allt klaffar nu. Ser fram emot rapporterna. Go! Cat-guys :D

2010-05-05 @ 21:00:56
Postat av: Sture

Lycka till!!!!!

Vi är många som håller tummarna!

2010-05-09 @ 21:04:10

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