September 14-17

This time me Peter and Jörgen paid a short visit to Ocana to wrap her up for the upcomimng engine runs. We got the last hoses connected and also installed the oil coolers and the rear cowlings and starts to look rather complete.

The day before we left we got an appointment with the Airforcemuseum an got a close look  at the fwf installation on their Canso. This aircraft is quite fun to study as it was not civilianized and converted to have the F/E removed so all the original installations are intact.

A closeup of the oilcooler installation. Note the funnel located just below the oilfilter. Obviously an attempt to make "green" oilchanges..

The Nitrogen pressure in the brake accumulators disappears and we decided to give the hydraulic system a thourough check and cleaning and replace a few gaskets.

First oilcooler in place. The remaining installations took one day per engine.

Fightingface of #2 sans prop.

Installation near completion.

With only three days in Spain this time we could not afford letting the weather influence us too much. When we woke up in the morning it was raining so I purchased a 8x12m cover and made us a tent, It was working perfectly at first but when the rain stopped it started to get windy... Atleast we did not get wet.

The rain was only gone for a short while so the cover proved to be a very good investment!

The CO2 Fireextinguisher weighed the same as when last checked, 7610g.

All wrapped up and ready to go, as soon as the props are here.

The second oilcooler was quite a lot easier to install as soon as we had figured out how to. Jörgen can install one in his sleep now!

#1 also ready to get her prop.

Celebarating another sucessful trip with some food and wine at El Commendador at plaza mayor en Ocana.

Postat av: Anonym

2010-09-28 @ 08:13:35
Postat av: Calle

Keep the good work, good luck with everything. Best regards, C.

2010-09-30 @ 12:26:39
Postat av: Pär i Brattsbacka

Fortfarande luftburen, ser jag. Sanslöst häftig maskin. Lycka till med allt du företar dig!

2010-09-30 @ 15:30:00
Postat av: Frank

Snyggt plan, lycka till

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